Meet Mughal Abdul Ghafoor From Dina District Jhelum, Founder Media Team MAG Leading Digital Agency.


Meet Mughal Abdul Ghafoor From Dina District Jhelum, Founder CEO Media Team MAG Leading Digital Agency.

I started my journey in 2016 I spent time on YouTube searching (  How To Make Money Online ?  ). I found a YouTube Channel of sir @TamoorPardasi I started watching videos about how to make money on YouTube. After course I started my YouTube channel but by the pressure of study I was unable to manage it and I stopped working on it. I joined again when the price of bitcoin was 467$ I made .001 after 6 months and I stopped it again. Spent a lot of time on YouTube I started blogging but didn’t get anything from it.

In 2018 I joined SCValley School & College for the course of graphic designing on there I meet Sir Irfan Lateef here my success story begins I learned first of all logo designing from him after 5 days I got my first client for logo designing I made Rs: 250 from it. Then I learned the basics of HTML CSS from him. I customized my theme first time in Power Director Software. It’s very time-consuming.

After that, I started my work as a Graphic Designer and started earning my pocket money. 

In start Covid-19 I got my first Website Development Project from a Facebook Client deal finalized at 700$ one amazing thing is that I don’t even develop the whole website before.

My client asked me to show you your portfolio.

I said I don’t have any yet.

Then he asked me you have your own website.

I said I don’t. 

Our deal was canceled. The reason I don’t have my own website yet.

On the next day, I borrowed Rs 5000 from my mother (He supported me all the time). I bought a domain and hosting from a local company in Pakistan. 

I started my own agency  Media Team MAG’s website spent 50 days completing it. 

After some days a YouTube video appeared on my feed. Its time when I started Digital Marketing Course from Sir Hisham Sarwar.

In his mentorship, I started services of Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing /Website Development/ Graphic Designing 

I have not worked on freelancing platforms yet.

Alhamdulillah in my first year after starting Media Team MAG I made sales of 1Million Pakistani Rupees 40% is my profit 40% given to workers who worked with me in projects and 20% are expanses Domin/ Hostings/ Themes/ Plugins etc.

In Short, I Started Earning Good Money After Struggling 4 Years 

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